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  • Premium Equipment Rentals

    Enhance Your Projects with Top-notch Machinery

    Diverse fleet for unmatched performance. Rent excavators, dumpsters, and trackloaders for efficient construction projects.

  • Unbeatable Value

    Low-Cost, High-Quality Rentals

    Exceptional value, pocket-friendly rates. Elevate productivity with modern machinery at unbeatable prices.

  • Effortless Booking Process

    Rent with Ease, Anytime, Anywhere

    Convenient self-booking for hassle-free rentals. Reserve equipment effortlessly and get it ready when needed.


Empowering Your Projects, Limitless Possibilities

Unlimited Equipment Rentals is a family-owned, local business firmly rooted in North Carolina. With a rich heritage in the blue-collar trades, we bring a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face every day. We’re not just another equipment rental company; we’re a team of professionals who have personally experienced the stress of fieldwork, and we strive to alleviate that for our customers.

Flexible Rental Options

Tailored to Your Project Needs


Flexible short-term rentals for time-sensitive tasks and quick project turnarounds.


Ideal for mid-range projects, providing ample time and cost-effective solutions.


Long-term rentals for extended projects, ensuring uninterrupted access to equipment.

Rentals Equipment

Discover Our Versatile Machinery

Kubota SVL65 Track Loader

Versatile track loader with advanced features for efficient material handling and earthmoving tasks.

Kubota SVL75 Track Loader

Versatile track loader with advanced features for efficient material handling and earthmoving tasks.

Excavator KX-033-4

Powerful excavator with a thumb attachment for precise digging, trenching, and excavation projects.
Value Proposition

Why Choose Unlimited Equipment Rentals?

At Unlimited Equipment Rentals, we deliver exceptional value by offering newer, top-quality machinery at budget-friendly rates. Benefit from free delivery within a 10-mile radius and experience the power of modern equipment for unmatched productivity.

Top-Quality Equipment

Modern, reliable machinery ensuring peak performance and precision for all your construction tasks.

Budget-Friendly Rates

Cost-effective solutions with competitive rental rates, optimizing your project's efficiency without compromising quality.

Experienced Support Team

A dedicated team of experts providing guidance, maintenance, and technical assistance to keep your projects running smoothly.

Modern Machinery, Maximum Results

Harness the power of cutting-edge equipment for exceptional productivity and outstanding project outcomes.

Get in Touch with Us

We’re here to answer your questions and schedule your cleaning service.

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